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Zhidan County

Zhidan is a county in Shaanxi province, China. The county falls administratively under Yan'an . Zhidan County and surrounding areas host oil drilling and industry.


Zhidan was formerly known as county. The site derives its historical significance from having temporarily served as the capital of communist China in the midst of China's transition-upheaval period during which communist forces battled the Chinese nationalist GMD government. From early July 1936 to January 1937 Bao'an was the site of the Communist Party of China's Central Committee headquarters, as well as that of the Communist military forces. It was replaced by Yan'an . Zhidan County takes its name from Liu Zhidan, military strategist and high-ranking leader of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army who died fighting for the communist side in 1935.

Zhen'an County

Zhen'an County is a county of Shangluo, Shaanxi, China, has an area of 3,487 square kilometers and a population of 283,312 as of 2004.

Zhashui County

Zhashui County is a county of Shangluo, Shaanxi, China, has an area of 2,322 square kilometers and a population of 160,000 as of 2004.

Yangling District

Yangling District is located on the plains of the Wei River , within the City of Xianyang in the Province of Shaanxi, People's Republic of China. It has an area of 94 square kilometers and a population of 155,000. The district is roughly 80 kilometers to the west of the provincial capital Xi'an.


Yangling received its name as the family burial site of founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty.

Starting in 1979, Yangling went through several administrative region changes until it became a district to the City of Xianyang in 1983. In 1997 the Yangling High Tech Agriculture Sector Demonstration District was estalished in Yangling District as a testing ground for new agriculture technology and techniques.


Yangling is home to the main campus of Northwest A&F University , established in 1934 by Yang Hucheng who was the general of the Northwest Army under Kuomintang.

Yanchuan County

Yanchuan County is a county in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province of China.

Total area: 1941 km2. Total population is 180,000 in 2002.

Yanchang County

Yanchang County is a county under charge of , Shaanxi Province of China. It has a land area of 2,295 square kilometers, and a population of 140,000 in 2002.

Administrative divisions

Yanchang County consists of 6 towns and 6 townships.

*Towns: Qilicun, Heijiabao, Zhengzhuang, Zhangjiatan, Jiaokou, Anhe.
*Townships: Guoqi, Liujiahe, Angou, Nanhegou, Luozishan, Leichi.

Wugong County

Wugong County is a county in Shaanxi. It is under the administrative control of Xianyang. According to ''Romance of the Three Kingdoms'' , Dong Zhuo was the Marquis of Tai Village , which was located within present day Wugong County.